Miles That Matter
Miles That Matter
We donate half of our profits to charity

Miles That Matter Foundation Mission
The Miles That Matter Foundation Mission is to educate and promote health and fitness in our communities with an emphasis on enriching every life we touch. This means we will care, commit and connect, hoping to add something positive to each life we encounter, expecting nothing in return.

Train Smart™

Myth:  More is Better

Fact:  You don’t have to do as much as you think to get results.

The Train Smart™ Philosophy

Karen Cosgrove's Miles That Matter™ training programs are designed to provide the maximum training benefit, within a time commitment that fits your lifestyle, while drastically reducing the risk of both injury and burnout.

Let's face it; all of us lead busy and hectic lives these days.  We don't have time to put in hours and hours of training each and every week.

Karen has worked with countless first time and veteran runners, cyclists, and triathletes over the years.

Karen's athletes stay motivated and healthy throughout their training and achieve personal fitness goals they never thought possible. When training with Karen, you only do the miles that matter.

Whether you are new to endurance sports or a verteran, there is a Miles That Matter™ training plan for you.

Group Training Benefits

The Miles Go By More Quickly

Working out is more fun when done together with a group.

Individual steps quickly add up to miles as you get to know each other on a more personal basis through shared experiences and stories and pull one another along.

Lifelong friendships are formed in these goal-oriented, but laid back groups.

I'm sure you'll agree that:

  • If you have a group waiting for you, you'll get out of bed on numerous days you wouldn't.
  • You'll get as much out of giving support to others, as in receiving it
  • A group will pull you along when you're struggling, and hold you back when you're feeling too good
  • You’re motivated to run more often – helping you stay injury free.

Miles That Matter™ Training is 100% Group Oriented

How it Works
Become a member of Miles That Matter. Sign up for one of our training programs, participate in one of our events or purchase something from our e-store.
Train Smart
A portion of your purchase will go to the MILES THAT MATTER FOUNDATION.
Make a Difference
MILES THAT MATTER FOUNDATION donates 100% back to our Charity Partners.
Make It Matter

Our Sponsors

Meet One Of Our Amazing Athletes
Dick Haglage
Dick HaglageDick joined Miles That Matter in 2008, trained for and completed his first marathon. He did it to get fit and he did it for his brother Walt, who lost his battle with Melanoma. Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer.

We think it is safe to say tha tDick caught the marathon bug, as he will be competing in his 6th marathon this spring (his 4th Flying Pig).

Dick has raised close to $30,000 for Melanoma Know More.

Dick has a true passion and goal to help Melanoma Know More reduce the impact of melanoma through awareness, education, support of medical research and assistance to persons affected by melanoma.

Dick’s Philosophy
Training with an organization like MTM, has allowed me to become motivated by a goal that has deep meaning, a dream that needs completion and pure love that needs expressing. It truly is how one should live their life.


“We are Making It Matter. Join us!”


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“It’s amazing what you can accomplish when
no one cares who gets the credits.”
Roy Williams